Bee Christie

Bridget (Bee) Christie is the face behind Working Bee Productions and is responsible for the personal service and delivery of work.

I am an independent consultant drawing on over 20 years of marketing and agency experience. My roots are steeped in general consumer advertising but more recently I’ve specialised in the health and wellbeing sector.

I love to travel and have lived in a number of cities/towns. From my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, to the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado, and also waiting on tables in Hong Kong. I settled into an advertising career in Sydney, Australia, and then used this to travel and work in Singapore and London. I am based in London for a majority of the year, but I’m very willing and able to travel for work if I’m required to support a team in an office environment.

Working Bee Productions has friends too! I have a creative network of friends and colleagues and, in true working bee style, we work together in a coordinated fashion to deliver various creative solutions depending on the nature of the challenge.

For more information on my work experience, visit my LinkedIn profile using the social links menu below.