Working Bee Productions provides a variety of marketing and advertising support services.

The business concept is based on a collaborative working style called a working bee, popular in countries like New Zealand, where people work together in a coordinated fashion to achieve a common goal.

Find out more about our services below.

Freelance support

Working Bee offers a variety of freelance services to support marketing teams and creative agencies on a short to medium term basis.

Services include:

  • Marketing strategy and communications planning
  • New business development
  • Client relations and account handling
  • Project management
  • Operations including new process and policy implementation
  • Event planning and implementation

Working Bee is based in London for a majority of the year but is willing and able to travel for work.

Proofreading service

Working Bee Productions takes words very seriously! Spelling Bee is a  copy editing and proofreading service helping businesses project a professional image with grammatically correct and error free publications.

Spelling Bee reviews a variety of documents, such as copy, creative artwork, PPT presentations and development websites,  to identify and correct:

  • Typographical errors
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Unclear expressions
  • Inconsistent formatting
  • Inaccurate content

Spelling Bee is certified by The Publishing Training Centre, London, and has over 20 years experience working in creative agencies.

Generally, the service is provided remotely and can support any business around the world needing help with the English language.

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Social media management

Social Bee is a social media management support service to help businesses manage their brand in the social environment.

Social Bee can provide a range of services depending on budget and ongoing needs including:

  • Internal training
  • Social listening and competitive analysis
  • Content development
  • Monthly management by social media channel

Working Bee Productions uses selected social media channels to manage and promote our professional brand and range of services. Please see the social links menu below.

Other support services

Other Bee provides a variety of other marketing and advertising support services including:


Producing presentations is a daily necessity for people working in the marketing and advertising industries and can take up a large part of the working week. Other Bee develops unique PowerPoint templates, and designs and formats content for PowerPoint presentations.

New business pitches

All too often new business opportunities knock on the door with little or no warning. The opportunity’s exciting and has great potential but there’s no one available internally to get the ball rolling. Other Bee can evaluate the client brief and undertake the initial desk research into the brand, competitors and target audience, etc., and present back with insights to feed into the creative strategy.

Other support services

Our services aren’t limited to the ones listed above. In fact, we support any task that can be easily outsourced and takes your business focus away from what you do best.

Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Artwork

Working Bee Productions has friends! We are a creative network of friends and colleagues and, in true working bee style, work together in a coordinated fashion to deliver various creative solutions, involving copywriting, art direction, design and artwork, depending on the nature of your business challenge.